Working Poor


You're looking at a hardened face of a former steelworker. Retired by fate not by choice.

My goal is to continue to address the bludgeoning wealth gap and social inequality that is so pervasive in today’s society.

Oppression goes beyond the color of one’s skin.

We have demagogues right now vying for the top office, dividing people up based on religion or the color of their skin but habitually fails to mention blame on big industries that are continuously exploiting and gaming the system. Forced labor and slavery in major industrial countries had been replaced long ago by economic servitude. With the faint hope of — 'if you work hard enough' you would be able to live comfortably and provide for your family.

Perhaps that is still possible. Perhaps if we are not so inundated with War mongering, or if we don’t spend more than half of our annual budget in defense spending or if our politicians are not owned by the #MilitaryIndustrialComplex.⛽️💣

Yes, perhaps possibilities are infinite...

We can focus more on poverty, our schools and crumbling infrastructures. But you see, that’s no fun for the big industries and there’s not much money to be had on that either. NO lobbyists would ever lobby to house homeless veterans, make higher education more affordable or lower skyrocketing drug prices for those whose lives are afflicted by an illness but are rather poor.

Today's lassez-faire business practices that express greed and lack of social feeling, poisons society as a whole.





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