I have embarked on a life filled with adventure and poverty ever since my infancy – from which I heard two things most dedicated professional photographers aspire for.

More About Me in 3rd person: JC Epong is a non-award winning, awkward-introvert blessed with a face only suitable for radio, burdened with an insatiable curiosity. Yet despite all of his tragic qualities he's exasperatingly inquisitive and have the audacity to be opinionated.
A human being with zero talent in anything, parched from god-given skills, like a slowly putrefying-driftwood floating aimlessly in the sea, thank goodness he found photography as a medium to express his most innermost thoughts.
He is a freelance photographer with a passion for social documentary storytelling. He constantly travels around the country pursuing stories about the Human Spirit. He now calls Seattle his home when he is not on the road.  

For information on scheduling an assignment, purchasing a fine print or licensing an image, please inquire for details.